May 2016 Friday

Lifting the lid on our new menu

Our chefs have been hard at work experimenting over the last few months on new dishes with amazing flavours.
We’ve also listened to your feedback regarding your favourite monthly specials.

We are very proud to present our 2016 Menu, we’re confident it is our best ever menu and are sure you will love it as much as we all do here at Haché.

Most of our new creations are burgers which have had exceptional reception as Chef’s Specials, so you can expect to find a sophisticated Steak Triomphe de Truffes, a new hot version of our Steak Mexicain, as well as our new Mediterranean Lamb burger, new Chicken Aphrodite and of course vegetarian choices and crisp salads for the summer.



New entrées and side dishes

We didn’t stop at main dishes. We are introducing a seriously indulgent Baked Camembert, drizzled in honey and chilli flakes.
Added to our new entrée choice are incredibly ‘more-ish’ sweetcorn fritters.

That’s not all. Our Truffled cheese frites are now on the Main Menu, as is our signature Ratatouille to give a real French flavour to our Sides Menu.

There are many more surprises on our new 2016 menu, and we can’t wait to present them to you.
Our new menu is available from Thursday 5th May in all Haché restaurants.

Bon appetit!

April 2016 Friday

The Dublin experience

I was very lucky to have been taken around the Guinness factory and Teelings Whiskey distillery last weekend courtesy of Adrian at Tanners Wines. If you haven’t been then we can’t recommend either highly enough. The Guinness building is immense and spans at least 8 floors, tracking the production process, finishing up in a sky bar overlooking the whole of Dublin, with views stretching all the way to the Guinness water source at the Wicklow mountains.
The combination of Victorian engineering and modern building techniques combine brilliantly to give this iconic brand the representation that it duly deserves. Our personal favourite was the advert suite, a 180 degree cinema room with polished concrete floors and Bose surround sound made you feel like part the advert itself. The sense of community they create and the theatre of the spectacle were skin tinglingly awesome. Whilst many would argue the surfers and white horses advert with the bone chilling sound track, Phat Planet by Leftfield, is perhaps the most iconic of their adverts my own personal favourite will always be that of the swimmer – witty and entertaining giving us a sense of pride for a fictional character we’ll never even meet, truly inspiring! Now all i need is a pint of the black stuff!!
Having doffed our cap to the drinking gods, sinking several pints of Guinness in the process we moved on via a horse and carriage to the Teelings Whiskey distillery.
horse outside
Established in 1782 Teelings is now the only working distillery in Dublin with a factory tour. My memory at this point was compromised by the aforementioned pints of Guiness we had put away earlier but i think I’m correct in saying that the production facility at Teelings has a continual flow of about 17,000 litres of whiskey in production using the same techniques as have been used since its beginnings, albeit, with a modern upgrade to scale and efficiencies.
The three main stills pictured below are named after the three daughters of the Teeling family. Made of 7mm thick copper they are all hand beaten into shape and represent an investment of over €3M. The wort begins the process at 8% ABV and finishes at 86% ABV by the time it completes its third distillation. At this point the whiskey is crystal clear only later to take its colouring from the barrel as it ages. Hence, the older a whiskey, the darker it becomes.
At this point we were treated to a range of whiskeys including a 23 year old, sherry barrel aged, single malt. At €250 per bottle its not cheap but it’s definitely smooth enough to help swallow the price tag! We all agreed this was our favourite and made our way to the bar for a few more!
The above trips were a great insight into Dublin and a really enjoyable way to spend the day, especially as it was unsurprisingly raining!

March 2016 Thursday

Food of Justice


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Our Head Chef is a massive comic fan and as such he was thrilled with the release of the new ‘Dawn of Justice’ movie, he transferred that excitement into our kitchens and came up with a special menu (if we might say so), worth fighting for.

Food of Justice Menu

The burgers:

Cape crusader burger
Scottish beef steak burger, topped with a Portobello mushroom, covered in melted Gruyere cheese and bacon marmalade with a homemade BBQ sauce served on a toasted brioche bun..
He might be the dark knight, but this is one sweet burger.

Krypton burger
Scottish beef steak burger topped with Mozzarella cheese, grilled jalapeño peppers and coriander pesto. Served on french fried onion straws, crispy bacon, smokey jalapeño mayo and a toasted brioche bun.
This burger might be hot but don’t let it defeat you.

The shakes:

A seriously thick banana and peanut butter milkshake with a touch of darkness, topped with whipped cream and a chocolate bat sign.
Banana na na na na na na 

An American icon, blue bubble gum ice cream milkshake with whipped cream, strawberry laces and a cherry on top.
Out of this world flavours

This menu is available in all Haché restaurants to celebrate the release of the new Batman v Superman movie (Friday 25th – Sunday 27th March)

February 2016 Monday

Smoking burgers

Our St. Patrick’s Burger is back and smoking!
This burger smokes – quite literally!
Our new special is a 6oz Scottish beef burger infused with rosemary, thyme and garlic salt, topped with caramelised onions, sweet cure bacon and our chef’s own Guinness cheddar cheese on a smokey coleslaw served in a toasted brioche bun.
To celebrate its launch we are offering you – for one day only – Thursday 3rd of March, a complimentary burger when you bring a friend for lunch or dinner and you both order the St. Patrick’s special, all you need to do is to show this post to your server
and enjoy.

For future promotions and free special burgers sign up to our newsletter here.


And the good news doesn’t stop there, you can enjoy our Chef’s Special smoked at your table every Monday during March and of course, during St. Patrick’s day Thursday 17th of March.
small slow

January 2016 Tuesday

Haché staff party

We took our guys out for a night of fun and bowling.
A well deserved party for all their hard work and we had a blast!
Warning, you will see a bunch of happy, talented, hardworking people enjoying a night out.
If you want to be part of our teams please keep checking our recruitment page as we are always to hear form fun and passionate people.

You can see the all the photos here:

Hache-146 Hache-151 Hache-160

December 2015 Tuesday

A taste of Christmas

People don’t notice whether its winter or summer when they’re happy!
– Anton Chekhov
The days may be short and the north wind may be blowing, but at Haché we’ve been busy making sure you will be happy this Christmas. Fairy lights twinkling, fires blazing and our Christmas menu is created to really ring your bells!
Our chef has risen nobly to the challenge of creating the true taste of Christmas in our seasonal Turkey Burger.
We’ve dipped our turkey in buttermilk, dusted it with breadcrumbs, topped it with a home-made pork and sage stuffing, salt cured bacon wrapped chipolatas and grilled Brussels sprouts… love or hate them, (you can always drop yours on your partner’s plate when they’re not looking!) We’ve served all that in a lightly toasted, soft brioche, with our chef’s very own cranberry dressing.
Our Turkey Burger is available from Monday 23rd November in all sites and also to help celebrate Thanksgiving with our American cousins, we’ll be running a special promotion – buy two turkey burgers and get one of them free.
Offer valid only for eat in customers on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday November 26th) when presenting this e-mail, subject to availability. T&C apply.

December 2015 Friday

Burger Wars

Burger wars

As the world knows, the new Star Wars release is just around the corner, and fans of the saga have been counting the days until the premier. We at Haché, however, realised our Head Chef, who is a massive Star Wars fan was taking his excitement into the kitchen to create a special Jedi menu, a fun and tasty homage to the movies, and a treat for all those who love ‘out-of-this-galaxy’ burgers.

These are the burgers you are looking for:

Han Solo
Scotch beef steak burger topped with ‘out-of-this-universe’ crunchy peanut butter, smuggled mature melted Cheddar cheese and crispy smoked bacon served on a toasted brioche bun with red onion marmalade. Getting this burger at light speed is not guaranteed, but definitely worth the journey!

Darth Vader
Scotch beef steak burger topped with a dark side black-pudding hash brown stuffed with cheese, caramelised beer onions served on a toasted brioche bun with Sith Sriracha ketchup. The Father of all burgers.

Princess Leia
Scotch beef steak burger stuffed with rebel Blue cheese, topped with grilled red onions and baby spinach leaves served on a toasted brioche bun with Worcestershire burger sauce. Rebel against the ordinary!

Scotch beef steak burger topped with slow roasted barbecued pulled pork with crispy pancetta, topped with a beer battered onion ring. A great taste adventure – sometimes even Wookiees let their hair down!


Available from Friday 18th until Sunday 20th of December to celebrate the opening of the highly anticipated “The force awakens“ of the Star Wars saga.

For a limited time when ordering a Star Wars special burger customers will receive a lightsaber, each day a different lightsaber colour will be the winner. There will be five £10 vouchers to be won daily in every Haché. Subject to availability.


November 2015 Monday

A taste of Christmas


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sendOur chef was given an exciting challenge this year, to produce a burger that encapsulated the taste of Christmas; lucky us, we got to try the many combinations he came up with until we all agreed on the winning one.

We had the help of several members of our staff, some claimed never to have tasted Brussel sprouts, some hated them, and a few loved them but when they bit on the Christmas special they all agreed on one thing, all the flavours came together amazingly well. Of course it all comes to personal taste, so feel free to flick them, have them on the side or even drop them on your partners plate (it works better if they are not looking).

Buttermilk Turkey escalope topped with a pork and sage stuffing patty, salt cure bacon wrapped chipolatas with Cranberry sauce on a lightly toasted brioche with a serving of grilled Brussel sprouts (love them or hate them).
One thing is certain, this is really is a taste of Christmas. We are pretty confident it will ring your bells.
Available from Monday November 23 in all sites.
This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving by offering our customers a special treat, bring a friend or loved one along and when you order two Christmas special one of them is on us!Offer valid only for eat in customers on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday November 26th)


September 2015 Wednesday

Haché’s Southern Belle…

IMG_2163.JPGSummer is almost over and we’ve taken inspiration from the Southern United States for our latest special, The Southern Belle Burger; a succulent 6oz of Scottish Beef steak burger with what is known as the ‘caviar from the South’, deliciously gooey Pimento cheese topped with lightly crisped fried onions sitting on fresh baby courgette, crispy bacon and served on toasted brioche bun with a smokey chilli mayo.

With its melt in the mouth texture and rich indulgent flavour this new burger is deep southern comfort food at its most delicious; you’ll have to be quick if you want to try this though, like all our specials it’s only around for a limited time so ya’ll come back now! Ya hear? 😉

June 2015 Friday

Summer Ciders


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To celebrate the imminent arrival of British summer at Haché we have extended our cider range for those long hot days of cider swilling in the London sunshine!

Our fantastic traditional cider from Thistly Cross uses the best quality Scottish products to create award winning farmhouse ciders.

To achieve the smooth rounded Thistly Cross taste Scottish apples are pressed, balanced out by fermenting with Champagne yeast then matured for six months, creating the perfect refreshment for a hot day.

Based in the heart of the East Lothian countryside (the sunniest place in Scotland) all apples pressed are grown within 2 miles of the Thistly Cross brewery, creating a sustainable, naturally sweet product with a distinctively traditional Scottish taste.


Haché loves Thistly Cross traditional cider so much we are now selling 2 new flavours of our favourite cider: Elderflower and Whisky-Cask aged ciders.

Elderflower Cider at 4% packs a serious taste punch. Blended with Scotland’s best freshly picked elderflowers. A Fruity nose & dry on the palate, refreshing, distinctive & zesty. Drink over ice and enjoy the naturally sweet flavours.

Whisky-Cask Aged Cider at 6.9% a higher percentage cider matured in ex-Glen Moray (previously Glenglassaugh Distillery) whisky casks for 6 months, to create a smooth, balanced cider with a subtle oak after taste. A complex drink, refreshing, medium dry using the finest Scottish apples and Whisky casks.

Although the British weather can be unpredictable you can always rely on Haché to bring the finest Scottish ciders to accompany the finest Scottish beef burgers.

Ciders available from June 8th at all sites!